Friday, March 28, 2008

Simplicity Patterns

I don't know how many of you sew, but for those of you who have any intention of ever sewing, Simplicity patterns are on sale at JoAnn's for $1. I just bought several Halloween costume patterns (Disney princesses, Wizard of Oz, poodle skirts/ 50's outfits) and several easy dress and outfit patterns for Amy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

We had a fantastic Easter! It all started Saturday when we drove out to Buckeye for the city Spring Festival. We took Amy to the egg hunt for all the kids 1-3 years old, or should I say for the parents of the kids 1-3 years old. We thought it would be cute to just let the kids wander and find the eggs, but all the parents decided to "help" their kids and so we had to run Amy to a spot with one egg so she could stand by it and pick it up. That was all we got. What a bust. Good thing she's only one and doesn't really care whether she gets any. The rest of the festival was fun. They had the Easter bunny, who Amy liked MUCH better than Santa Claus. She even reached out to touch his nose and gave him high five. They had a nice petting zoo that we spent a lot of time in, holding bunnies and petting goats and sheep and pigs. Very cute. She absolutley HATED the bouncer, which was weird because she normally loves them. I think there were too many big kids bouncing too high for her. She did love the inflatable slide though!
Saturday afternoon I got a new Easter dress and then we dyed eggs with the Owen's (Amy was a little too little for this activity). We had a lot of fun and we had a wide range of quality eggs... some were pretty cool, and some looked like they were moldy (way to go Richard!). We learned that coloring eggs at 11:00 at night is hilarious when you're all slap happy.
Sunday we got up and had sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast and then got ready for church. Amy and I got to wear our pretty new Easter dresses. Church was very nice. Mike sang with the ward choir. They sang a medley of Easter songs and it was very nice. Amy didn't understand why Mike, Lindsey O., and Richard got to go up there and she didn't though... so she and I had to listen from the hall. That afternoon we went to my parent's house (the Owen's came with us too because their family is in California and North Dakota) for Easter dinner. It was very good (thanks Mom!) and Amy got to hunt a couple of eggs there. We spent the rest of the evening playing games and having fun! What a great weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So I've been a major slacker this past month or so when it comes to blogging. My bad. Here is a brief overview of the last month:

- Amy is getting 3 new teeth... MOLARS! AHHH! That's been a new adventure because it didn't really phase her when her front teeth came in, but boy does it hurt her now. She has gone to random crying spats where there is no distracting or calming her for a little bit. Poor baby.

- Mike is deep into his first class for his Master's degree. He is getting his degree through ASU in Electrical Engineering. He just finished his first test and it was a tough one. We're glad that's gone and that we get him back now!

- I had my first Bunco game with a new group this month at my house! What a blast! I absolutely love Bunco and it's fun to get together with the girls more regularly so that we can have an adult night without kids!

- I'm super bummed that Easter is in March again... I think there's something seriously wrong with that. Easter is supposed to be in April. That's just the way it's supposed to be. Regardless, we have been putting up decorations and looking forward to some of the activities this weekend. We're going to the Easter Pageant on Friday, so if anyone wants to come along, let me know! We were hoping the Goodyear Spring Carnival-thingy would be this weekend too, but it's not until April (but they're still doing a Easter egg hunt 3 weeks after Easter... we thought that was odd). So we may go over to Avondale or Buckeye for one of their activities. Then we're off to Gilbert on Sunday for Easter dinner with my family. Aside from the activities, we're trying to make a special point to spend more time in the scriptures this week and reading conference talks and this month's special Easter Ensign. Inspired by my mother-in-law, we pulled all the pictures from Jesus' last week and resurrection from the Church artwork folder she gave us to hang around the house to remind us why we are celebrating Easter.

Well, that's about it. Other than that it's about the same ol' thing around here. I don't have any pictures from any of this, but I'll be sure to put some up after this week's festivities.